Sunday Worship @ 10:30am 


New Covenant Kids

New Covenant Kids is the class for our 4-7 year olds. This age group stays with the congregation for the first part or our Liturgy. They stand alongside their families, and the larger church family in confession and worship before leaving to their class. Our teachers are committed to communicating the truths of the gospel to each child. The children are catechized and learn of Christ from all of the Bible. This teaching is done in a fun and interactive way, yet the content is rich and is meant to bring the children to see the glory of God in Christ. 

Our 4-7 year olds use the Show Me Jesus curriculum from Great Commission Publications. The children work through a quarterly scope and sequence covering topics such as Obeying God, Knowing Jesus, Studying God’s Word, and Growing in God. We also use Kid Quest Catechism from GCP which works through the first 46 catechism questions helping the children understand God’s character.