Sunday Worship @ 10:30am 


Ladies Ministry at Redeemer

Sola Sisters is the ladies ministry at Redeemer Community Church. The name comes from the “Solas” of the Christian faith which are (1) Scripture Alone (2) Christ Alone (3) Grace Alone (4) Faith Alone (5) God’s glory Alone.  These five “Solas” are dear to our ladies bible study because they serve to remind us that God through the gospel of Jesus Christ is the rightful center of our lives. Truly God is our greatest treasure without the addition of anything else. 

Our purpose for gathering together, as Christian women, is to encourage and refresh one another in the pursuit of living God-centered lives.  Whether our stewardship from God is primarily in the home or the workplace, and whether we are single, a wife, a mother, or a grandmother, as Christian women, our needs are fundamentally the same. We need soul-enriching strength, support and encouragement as we endeavor to live our lives for the glory of God as Christian women. 

  • Study - Critical to the process of soul-enriching strength is the study of God’s word. Since God’s word is profitable for teaching, for correction, and for training in righteousness it is our joy to learn and grow together in it. We want to study in such a way that true insight is gained and application is achieved for our joy together as Christian women.  
  • PrayerCritical to the process of soul-enriching support is prayer. God’s promise to us as his daughters in the gospel is that our prayers have the same acceptance before Him as His very own Son’s. Therefore, as God’s daughters, it is our joy to confidently, in the name of Jesus Christ the Son, draw near to God in prayer seeking his grace for one another in all things. 
  • FellowshipFinally, critical to the process of soul-enriching encouragement is fellowship. It is important for us as Christian women to meet together regularly in order that we can exercise our Christian calling to love one another as ourselves.  By spending time with one another sharing God’s work in our lives with a spirit of transparency and openness we can learn better how to love one another as sisters in Christ. Through sharing our struggles and our achievements in the gospel of God’s grace we enable the proper expressions and responses of humility, care, forgiveness, devotion and overall harmony with one another. 
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