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The Psalms

Hebrew ydh is traditionally glossed "to thank." But, in fact, there is not equivalent in Hebrew to English "to thank." A more faithful rendering is "to confess in praise." That is what is taking place in many of the Psalms. The Psalmist is recalling the acts of God, and as he recounts God's acts of salvation, deliverance, and protection, a confession or song of praise erupts. Some of these Psalms speak specifically to an distinct act of God, while others speak more generally to the person and work of God. In both cases, God's people are worshipping through the confession of praise to the living God. 

The Psalms have always been used in the church's liturgy. They give us an expression of the heart's discouragement, struggle, trust, and hope in the mighty work of God. There is both raw emotion and beautiful doxology in the Psalms. Throughout the pages of Psalms, the word more than whisper the name of Christ, they ring forth with anticipation and exaltation of the coming Messiah - the great Savior and King.

For the next several months, Redeemer will incorporate the Psalms into corporate worship. Each week, a Psalm of praise will be read responsively with the congregation. We encourage you to follow along with the blog each week for more insight in the Psalms and to prepare your heart and mind to confess in praise the works and acts of God.  

Follow our path through the Psalms at the weekly blog post