Sunday Worship @ 10:30am 


The Vision at Redeemer

Our Goal: God-Centeredness

Above all, Redeemer Community Church emphasizes a God-centeredness. God is central and foremost in all of life; thus, the purpose of every human being is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. To this aim, we preach, teach, exhort, admonish, and give warning to one another as we endeavor to live worshipfully before our Creator. And as we do so, we enjoy the result of a God-centered life--joyful souls. 


God-Centered Thinking

God-centeredness is not only a way of believing but also a way of thinking. In order to think and reason biblically, we must be renewed in our minds. This demands that we learn and think hard about the Scriptures so that we can understand the whole range of God’s redemptive work in making us his people, giving us grace in perseverance, and bringing us to the final consummation in glory. Therefore, Redeemer Community Church prizes biblical education so that, ultimately, we may see and savor our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.


God-Centered Living

Understanding the whole range of God’s redemptive work begins with acknowledging God as the God of all creation. He created and ordered our world and is therefore vitally concerned in all we do--in the family, government, workplace, home and church. He designed the world to be interpreted in the context of his all-encompassing plan, which he revealed across the Scriptures. Therefore, viewing our world through the eyes of biblical faith does not distort reality, but rather provides a high-definition view of reality. 

Because God is the Author of life, all of life, lived under God, has unity and eternal significance. For believers, every task given by God is equally important--whether it be sharing the gospel of Christ with others, cooking at home, disciplining our children, creating a work of art, working or playing. Every work of our lives is to be an expression of our rich Christian walk. All we have is part of a good creation that is to be experienced through faith before our Creator and is to be received and cultivated as a gift and mission from him. Whatever the call of God upon our lives, it is to be reverently and vigorously undertaken. 

God-Centered living does not happen in isolation. We are called to give ourselves to one another in community. It takes one another to grow in the image of Christ, and together we glorify the Father and proclaim his wisdom to the world.


God-Centered Hope

Finally, Redeemer Community Church awaits with great anticipation the glorious return of Jesus Christ. All that God has planned for his people and this world finds its completion in Christ and his kingdom. Jesus is now extending God’s kingdom by capturing hearts with grace through the preaching of his gospel. The Scriptures teach that Christians today live at a time when the kingdom is already present in one sense, but not yet present in another sense. Christ’s perfect life, death and resurrection inaugurated the kingdom of God, but only his second coming to earth can consummate it. The Bible teaches that one glorious day Christ will return for his people, conquer his enemies and renew the earth. In that day the people of God from every tribe, people and nation, representing every economic and social class will, with one voice, cry out, “Hallelujah! For the Lord our God reigns. Let us rejoice and exult and give him the glory.” 

The desire of Redeemer Community Church is that those attributes that distinguish the God’s glorious kingdom from Satan’s sinful domain - love, righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit - be lived in community by faith through the power of his Holy Spirit.

Here at Redeemer Community Church we desire to together exalt God’s glory, study God’s Word, live in God’s world, be empowered by God’s Spirit and love God’s Son.