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What to expect at Community Life Groups

Community Life Groups at Redeeemer are an integral piece to living our lives in community for the glory of God. It gives each person a place to be known and cared for, and it gives each person an opportunity to know and care for someone else. Through these smaller groups that you will be able to see the power of the Gospel transform your life as you share your life with others.

Community Life Groups are based primarily on location, so each will have a diversity of age and background within the group. Groups are formed based on the growth and needs of the body.Each Community Life Group will have a unique feel to it, but all are commited to true biblical fellowship, bible study, accountability, and prayer. A typical CLG gathering will last 1-2 hours. You can expect to see . . .

  • People sharing their struggles and rejoicing in victories
  • People studying truth and working to apply it to thier lives
  • People sharing prayer requests
  • People just enjoying time with one another (and probably some food as well)