Sunday Worship @ 10:30am 


What is Redeemer all about?

Redeemer Community Church is a reformed, non-denominational church in the East End of Pittsburgh that seeks to worship God in all things and spread the good news of hope in Christ to our community through word and deed.

Our desire is to bring all people to delight in the beauty and glory of God. This will not be done by providing a religious experience or by forcing one to fit an external set of standards. This will be done by pointing one another to the person and work of Christ as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. It is in Christ and His Word that our hope and joy is found.

When the beauty and grace of God made known to us in Jesus Christ begins to capture our minds, it is then that our desires and affections begin to change. We join together to worship not out of fear or pride or obligation but out of a sincere affection for the excellencies of God.

This heart transformation changes everything! It changes every relationship—with our spouse, children, neighbors, co-workers, and bosses. It changes the way we work; the way we view our hobbies; and even the way we view our sports. 

To truly experience the beauty of Christ is the greatest joy man could ever know. After all it is returning to the way God created us, which is the greatest life man will ever know.

So come on out and be a part of this life-transforming, joy-filled journey to know the kindness of our God to us in Jesus.